Listen to Westside Gunn’s Latest Project And Then You Pray For Me With Cover Art by Virgil Abloh

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And Then You Pray For Me is the latest project from rapper Westside Gunn. The 21-track album features hitmakers Jeezy, DJ Holiday, Denzel Curry, Stove God Cooks and more.  

Westside Gunn is a silent pioneer with accolades revered by those who know. Mainstream popularity isn’t his forte. He’d rather create capsule projects that speak to a generation craving nostalgia. This dedication to authenticity without compromise garnished a cult following reminiscent of Joey Bada$$ and Chuck Inglish. 

SUPER FLYGOD’s signature sound flows effortless over boom-bap style beats that only real rap heads appreciate. FLYGOD DiD is more than an intro. It’s an obituary to the fallen. A tribute to those lost, namely designer Virgil Abloh who did the original cover art for this album and its predecessor. 

Following Pray for Paris (2020), ATYPFM highlights the polarity of street life and luxury living while finding commonality between the two. Lyrics about roaches in the home and domestic violence flow elegantly over a symphony of violins. That’s Westside Gunn: tastefully street. 

MR EVERYTHING featuring Jeezy is arguably the climax with the closing And Then You Pray For Me calming the senses. It’s a journey of street life, love and remembrance with slight flexes intertwined. Westside Gunn has taste, and it’s evident from the album cover to the subtle references of Bottega suits and La Voûte  Waldof.

The album is raw from the musicality to the delivery - reminiscent of Wu-Tang and deep New York rap. There’s a coldness to it that personifies a struggle once glorified. A capsule of time when Timberlands and ENYCE reigned supreme. Except Westside Gunn wears Heron Preston and Balenciaga. Though appealing to an older crowd, tracks like DunnHill and LL BOOL GUNN are fresh with nods to light drill and trap throughout. 

Written by: Kassidy Mi’chal 

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