Earl Sweatshirt and Producer The Alchemist Have Released a New Album

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Anyone old enough to witness the rise of Odd Future would consider themselves lucky. The chances of a group of ultra-talented kids coming together to change the face of music and culture could only be chalked up to destiny. There’s Tyler, the wild leader. Taco, the quiet jokester. Jasper, the rock. And then there’s Earl. 

Earl Sweatshirt is an enigma. Which made his role in OF enchanting. He was steadily unpredictable with a penchant for wordplay. But it wasn’t Earl’s talent that made him special. It was his detachment from it. Fame finds people like him easily. But Earl didn’t need it. 

Earl would come. Earl would go. But no matter where he was, he was the underrated star of one of the culture’s most prolific groups. Flagrant, random and charming - he remained the wild little brother. There’s a freedom to his art, but that sometimes comes with a price. 

It’s been a decade since Earl released an official project. Doris (2013) is a capsule. He was 19 at the time, and the vibe of the album reflects it. Now at 29, he’s releasing a new project that ushers in a new archetype. 

Entitled Voir Dire, the 11-track album is produced by and co-released with The Alchemist. Its backpack at its best with nothing but lyrics and beats. No frills about it. Artists Vince Staples and MIKE are the only features, which is a full-circle moment for Vince as he was featured on earlier projects. 

Voir Dire is French for “to speak the truth”. This project is a reintroduction to who Earl is now. No longer the controversial kid who said anything. He’s a man, father and pioneer. In a recent interview, he expressed regret for his past behavior. This album is a sacrament to not only his past self but to the era that made him.

 You can listen to Voir Dire here.


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