Fred again and Baby Keem Have Released the DnB Track of 2023

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Multi-hyphenate artists Fred again and Baby Keem have teamed up to create an energetic homage to personal space. Their single “leavemealone” is classic DnB with atmospheric vocals and a killer buildup. Fred again morphed Baby Keem’s songs “south africa” and “BULLIES” to create three minutes and 43 seconds of pure energy.

Drum and bass, often confused with Dubstep, is a genre defined by speed and energy. What separates DnB is the number of beats per minute. DnB tempos ranges from 160 to 180 beats per minute and has synthesized breakbeats, prominent basslines and drums. The birthchild of dancehall, electro and funk, DnB put the United Kingdom at the forefront of electronic music in the ‘90s.

Fred again debuted “leavemealone” at his recent set at Chicago’s Byline Bank Aragorn Ballroom. After reaching out to Baby Keem via Instagram to clear the sample, he officially released it to the public on December 8th. The cover art is a blurred photo of Fred again at his 2022 Boiler Room set. Surrounded by people, but clearly in a world of his own, the song’s messaging is less of a demand for physical space but more braggadocios. It’s a taunt, a war cry and quite possibly a statement of being untouchable talentwise. Fred again and Baby Keem are making waves right now, especially with Keem’s short film garnering mass approval.

“leavemealone” is available on all major streaming services.


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